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Candace Wheeler "Bees with Honeycomb" Umbrella

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As a part of the Associated Artists, Candace Wheeler had an important role in the 1881 redecoration of the Mark Twain's home. Her design, Bees with Honeycomb, can now be found in the Mahogany guest bedroom, and is the inspiration for this umbrella. The interior of the umbrella features Wheeler's honeycomb and honey bee design, while the exterior is classic black.

This inverted umbrella features a c-shaped handle for hands-free use while holding your phone, beverage, or drink, and can be opened automatically with one hand.  Because of it's "upside-down" design, the umbrella captures water as it closes and does not leave dampness in your purse or on your car seat. Remaining compact when closed for ease of transport, the umbrella has a large 48" arc when opened, leaving plenty of room for you underneath.