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Author Clock Volume 1 Small

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The clock that tells time through literary quotes with a new hand-picked passage each minute of the day.

Author Clock has a library of over 13,000 literary quotes spanning seven centuries and six continents. Each story snippet references the time at that very moment.

The Volume 1 clock option rests on a brass base and is readable from an arm’s length away, making it the perfect companion for your desk or nightstand. 

Low-strain reading: Choose between a 4.3-inch (11 cm) or a 7.8-inch (20 cm) e-ink display that’s pleasingly paper-like and easy on the eyes.

Premium quality: Solid white oak housing, a front bezel made from recycled ABS plastic, and a polished brass base and crown to change settings.

Multiple languages: Choose from English, French, Spanish, and German, each collection obsessively curated by our editorial team.

Parental controls: Decide whether you want your Author Clock to display explicit quotes. Easy to change at any moment.

Long-life battery: Author Clock lasts over a week between charges and comes with its own USB-C cable. Depending on your settings it can last for several months.

Automatic updates: Author Clock has built-in Wi-Fi, so all software and content updates happen without you having to do anything.